What is this thing?

It’s a good blog about Fort Worth. I try to publish posts twice at least twice a week.

I write a lot about the city’s history and culture, though I don’t limit myself to any specific issue. I might write about the city’s callousness towards homeless people or the depressing history of local cinemas closing. Sometimes, I just complain about how godawful the Star-Telegram’s opinion columnists are or make fun of our local far-right megachurch for shooting hogs from helicopters.

I like Fort Worth, but I’m also not willing to accept the awful and stupid things about it. And you shouldn’t either! So if you’d like to read commentary on local issues that isn’t mediocre garbage and doesn’t simply reaffirm the status quo, please consider signing up:

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Who am I?

I’m Tynan Stewart, a freelance writer and critic.

Remember that I’m human and this is a DIY project without editorial support, so I will make mistakes. If I defame someone by accident, let me know. As my own boss, I’ll try to remember to give myself a stern reprimand in the next issue.

I also write about books and other subjects, and here’s where you can follow that writing:

Last revised April. 2024.

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A good blog about Fort Worth.


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